How to install a BMC Race Air Filter in the Yamaha R3

Installing a high flow air filter is a must if you plan on squeezing every bit of horsepower you can from a motorcycle.  Stock air filters are much better than they used to be, but high flow race filters will always be more efficient at flowing as much air as possible, allowing you to squeeze that last little drop of performance out of your motor.

I’ll be using this BMC Race air filter:

Yamaha R3 BMC Race Air Filter


Tools Needed:
4mm Allen Wrench
Phillips Screwdriver
a rag and some denatured alcohol, acetone, or similar cleaner


Step 1:  Open your air filter and use a rag with denatured alcohol, acetone, or another cleaning agent to wipe the rim of the air filter where the foam gasket will sit.  Then peal and stick the foam gasket onto the air filter.

IMG_3628 wipe

Yamaha R3 BMC Race Air Filter


Step 2:  Remove the left side panel of the R3 by removing the two 4mm screws, and pull the panel free from the rubber grommets.  You don’t have to remove the seat.

remove side cover panels


remove side panel off


Step 3:  Remove the 3 screws attaching the air filter cover and slide out the oem air filter.

IMG_3621 IMG_3622_combined


Step 4:  Slide in the BMC race air filter with the gasket side down.  When you put the air filter cover back on, look to see that the 3 tabs on the back of the cover catch the lip of the air filter.  These 3 tabs will hold it in place and be sure the gasket properly seals.



IMG_3632 hold down



Put the cover and side panel back on your bike and you’re all done!


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