How to get more dash clearance for your clipons and brake line

One of the main issues so far with adding aftermarket clipons and lowering the bars on the R3 is that it creates interference between the banjo bolt on the front brake master cylinder and the dash display when turning the bars all the way to the left.  You have to either deal with the interference, modify the stops to limit the steering range, or rotate the bars back toward the tank a little more than desirable.  Here’s a simple and easy solution for this.


Tools Needed

8mm Socket

A pair of Pliers


I’m not 100% sure how much of the OEM fairings need to be removed to do this, since mine now has race bodywork on it.  But you just need to expose these two 8mm bolts that hold on the dash display:


Maybe you can do this without removing anything.  Here’s instructions for removing the side fairings and upper fairing in case you need to:

How to Remove the Side Fairings from the Yamaha R3

How to Remove the Windscreen and Upper Fairing from the Yamaha R3


Step 1:  Remove the dash display and unhook the cable from the back.



Step 2:  Locate the two tabs sticking out that the dash was bolted to.  Get a pair of pliers and carefully bend the part of the tab closest to the fairing stay toward the front of the bike.  Then bend the part of the tab with the welded nut back straight so the bolt holes will still line up.  Do this to the bracket on the right side and left side of the dash.

IMG_3822 IMG_3824


Here’s what the bracket used to look like stock:



It should now look like this from the side:


IMG_3826 text


Now mount the dash back in and put it all back together.  This will provide adequate clearance between your banjo bolt and the dash and full lock to the left:

IMG_3857 IMG_3858

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  1. Jonathon Kovatch
    Jonathon Kovatch says:

    Do you only recommend this modification if you’re running the clip-on’s VERY low, or do you recommend it with the Woodcraft Universals regardless of low or high?

    • says:

      Only if you are having an issue with the front brake master cylinder banjo bolt or clutch cable adjuster contacting the dash and you want to have more clearance.


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