how to remove the windscreen yamaha r3

How to remove the windscreen and upper fairing from the Yamaha R3

Here’s the third post in my series of how to disassemble the 2015 Yamaha R3.  This post will cover how to remove the upper fairing and windscreen.

how to remove the windscreen on the Yamaha R3

Tools Needed:

4mm allen wrench
5mm allen wrench
small pick or flat blade screwdriver
phillips screwdriver


Step 1: Remove the side cover panels by removing the two screws from each side with a 4mm or 5/32″ allen wrench, then pulling the panels loose from the clips.

remove side cover panels

remove side panel off


Step 2: Remove the mirrors by prying out the plastic caps from the screw heads, then removing the screws with a 5mm allen wrench. The mirrors fold against the bike, giving you better access to the screws.

01 IMG_0205 02 IMG_0206 03 IMG_0207


Step 3: Remove the inner black plastic covers from the top side of the side fairings. First remove the two screws visible from the top of the bike with a 4mm or 5/32″ allen wrench. Then remove the two plastic clips on the inside of the bike and one plastic clip from beneath the side cover panel that you’ve already removed. Use a phillips screwdriver to release the clips, then pry them out with your fingers or a small pick or flathead screwdriver. Finally, pull the panel to the rear of the bike to release the remaining tabs and remove the panel.

04 IMG_0213 05 IMG_0215 06 IMG_0216 07 IMG_0217


Step 4: Use a phillips screwdriver to remove the one screw from each side behind the plastic panel you just removed that hold on the upper front fairing. The screws below this (which require a 4mm allen wrench) are used to hold on the side fairings and do not need to be removed.  (In my picture, the side fairing has already been removed, sorry that it looks a little different)

08 IMG_0272


Step 5: Carefully (I recommend using a phillips screwdriver, not a cordless drill) remove the four plastic screws that hold the windscreen in place. They are plastic and the heads will strip easily.

09 IMG_0267


Step 6: The fairing is mostly loose now, and only held in place by a bunch of clips in the back. Grab the fairing as I’ve shown in the video below, and pull it evenly and firmly straight forward to remove it. You can see all of the clips in the picture below.

11 IMG_0276


Step 7: At this point, the rubber nuts are the only thing holding on the windscreen. They collapse when the screws are tightened to hold everything together. Pull the rubber nuts out with your fingers, or pull the windscreen loose, and be sure to collect the four rubber nuts so they don’t get lost. I’m writing this when my bike is brand new so mine came out easily, but if you’re bike is no longer new, these rubber nuts may not release easily and may be damaged and need to be replaced when you remove them.

12 IMG_0277 13 IMG_0278 14 IMG_0279


Thanks for reading!  If I missed something, let me know and I’ll fix it right away!

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    • says:

      I will try to add a post with more detail removing the rest of the headlight assembly, I have pictures, just haven’t had time.

  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    Did you manage to upload detailed how to remove the headlight assembly?
    I could not see any in your site, maybe I was blind though.

    Thanks in advance!

    • says:

      I’m sorry for the delay in my response, I have a bunch of pictures but I never got around to doing the writeup…too many things to do hehe


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