Remove Side Fairings Yamaha R3

How to remove the side fairings from the Yamaha R3

This post will cover how to take off the side fairings and lower fairings from the Yamaha R3.  This may be helpful if you want to change the front turn signals for flush mount turn signals, change the exhaust or change the oil, or just repair crash damage.  If you’re doing an oil change, always remember to put some cardboard down so you don’t get oil everywhere 🙂

***Update 6/8/15***  When I posted this, I hadn’t yet tried to do an oil change, but a few people have mentioned that it isn’t necessary to remove the side fairings to get to the oil filter (some say the filter is SOO tight they have to remove the fairings the first time to get the filter off), so that’s good to know!

00 IMG_0280


Tools Needed:

4mm allen wrench
small pick or flat blade screwdriver
#2 phillips screwdriver
10mm socket


Step 1: Remove the side cover panels by removing the two screws from each side with a 4mm or 5/32″ allen wrench, then pulling the panels loose from the clips.

remove side cover panels remove side panel off


Step 2:  Use a 4mm of 5/32″ allen wrench to remove the 3 screws holding on the black lower side panel.  Then release the plastic tab in the front lower corner of the panel.  Then remove the panel by sliding it down and to the front.  Do not pull it out until it is loose, there is a large tab in the middle near the top that must slide down to release.

03 IMG_0208 04 IMG_0210 05 IMG_0209

06 IMG_0212 07 IMG_0211


Step 3: Remove the inner black plastic covers from the top side of the side fairings. First remove the two screws visible from the top of the bike with a 4mm or 5/32″ allen wrench. Then remove the two plastic clips on the inside of the bike and one plastic clip from beneath the side cover panel that you’ve already removed. Use a phillips screwdriver to release the clips, then pry them out with your fingers or a small pick or flathead screwdriver. Finally, pull the panel to the rear of the bike to release the remaining tabs and remove the panel.

04 IMG_0213 05 IMG_0215 06 IMG_0216 07 IMG_0217


Step 4:  Release the three lower inside black cover panels, do not try to remove them from the bike until later.  First remove the 2 screws from the lower middle panel, be careful, these screws are VERY tight, use caution and support the panel with your free hand so you don’t break anything or strip the screw.  Second, remove the screw and the plastic clip from the lower inside left and right panels.  Finally, remove the plastic clip from underneath the bike to disconnect the left and right side fairings from each other.  Allow the three black panels to remain in the bike until after the next step.

12 IMG_0218 13 IMG_0219 14 IMG_0224


Step 5:  Release the lower half of the side fairings by first removing the attachment near the seat (it’s a bolt on the right side and a nut on the left side), then removing the bolts from the top near the gas tank.

16 IMG_0221



Step 6:  You should now be able to pull the lower half of the fairings away from the bike and remove the lower middle inside black trim panel.  Leave the lower left and right inside black trim panels hanging in the bike until you remove the side fairings, they have some wiring clipped to them that will hold them in place.

18 IMG_0225

20 IMG_0227

19 IMG_0226


Step 7:  Remove the side fairings by removing the last screw from the top that attaches them to the upper fairing, unclipping them from the upper fairing (see picture below), the sliding the entire fairing slightly toward the front of the bike.  Once the fairing is loose, you can unclip the turn signal.  Once the side fairings are removed, the turn signals can be accessed or removed by prying out the metal cover from the rubber piece, and pulling out the entire turn signal, you don’t have to remove the 8mm nut.

15 IMG_0220

21 IMG_0228 22 IMG_0229

22 IMG_0235

23 IMG_0230 23 IMG_0234 24 IMG_0231 25 IMG_0232


Step 8:  Now you can unclip the lower inside left and right black panels from the wires and remove them from the bike if you need to.

25 IMG_0233


That’s all!  Behold the Yamaha R3 in all it’s naked beauty!

00 IMG_0280

IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0243 IMG_0244 IMG_0245 IMG_0246 IMG_0248 IMG_0249 IMG_0250 IMG_0251 IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0254

Thanks for reading!  Please leave comments or questions below!

23 replies
  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    What is involved with making the bike fully functional without the fairing? I would love to build a “naked bike” out of a new R3, but have limited experience with contemporary Japanese bikes. Thank You Paul

    • says:

      You shouldn’t have any problems removing the fairings. You’d just have to figure out how to mount the basic things like turn signals and lights. In fact, it appears that Yamaha will be releasing the FZ-03 naked version possibly before the end of the year in the US.

  2. Mark Foster
    Mark Foster says:

    Excellent DIY and thanks for the high quality. I just replied on a post where you referred to a video of this. Is there one? I did not see it listed on the other aftermarket company website you referred to.

  3. Egor
    Egor says:

    Thanks for the great write-up! Helped me change the turn signals to flush ones. This was nice and easy to follow.

  4. Beginners
    Beginners says:

    Dear Sir,

    Detailed progress shots really touched! Thanks for information.

    Anyhow, If you don’t mind Could I simple asking for that.

    Still I’ve no chance to disassemble the whole fairing on my R3.

    but, the repair shop has once last time.

    After then, I’ve suffering from the “Buzzing” Noise when the RPM running thru and staying 5000~5300rpm.

    it likes kinda sharp and some metal with plastic sticks toghther…but I’ve no idea…

    By any chance, If you think something has possible to lead it, Plz Let me know…

    Sorry for asking 🙂

    • says:

      Sometimes things can be loose after the fairings are taken apart. Look for wire looms that are not clipped in anymore, or zip ties vibrating against the fairing. Listen close when the bike is on stands to find the vibration.
      Good luck

  5. Shenster
    Shenster says:

    Hello, since the Mt-03 is based on the R3, do you think its possible to bolt on a set of R3 Fairings onto the MT-03?


  6. Iszam
    Iszam says:

    Hi, i would like to ask, can the side cover tail for R3 fix to MT03 abs 2015? Reason is i’m riding MT03 but i’m intending to remove the pillion handrest, thus living 2 big hole behind. R3 tail side cover is 1piece without holes for the handrest, making the bike look clean and smart.

    • says:

      I’m not sure. Both bikes are built on the same platform, but I’m not sure all the mounting brackets will be there.

  7. Simon
    Simon says:

    Great writeup, thanks! When I go through this guide more carefully I’ll be able to find out where the one leftover screw goes…
    Out of curiosity, what is the cylindrical thing in IMG0240? Is it a fuel filter? I ask because my R3 (purchased new in New Zealand) doesn’t have this. I used the (unused) mount for this thing to attach an airhorn to the frame.


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