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Hello everyone!  My name is Jesse Norton.  This is my first blog, so thank you for reading!  This website is dedicated to the new Yamaha YZF-R3 sport bike and Yamaha R3 modifications.  I will be modding and racing the R3 in the new 350 Supersport Class at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in the CVMA Race Series and I’m very excited about this project!

Yamaha R3 colors

2015 will be an exciting year for small displacement racing, with several new fuel injected options for riders to choose from.  On the Yamaha R3 Specs page, I’ve listed the primary small bore racing competitors and their horsepower specs for a quick comparison.  On paper, the KTM RC390 looks like the winning choice, but the KTM is an out of the box race machine and costs a little more than the R3.  Plus, it’s a single cylinder thumper and the R3 and Ninja 300 are twins.  And what fun is it to buy an out of the box race machine?  Half of the fun of racing is building the bike, finding all the DIY mods, unlocking it’s hidden secrets, and making it just the way you like it.  While the Yamaha R3, in street form, weighs more, and has less horsepower, it will surely have plenty of untapped potential, and that’s what this website is all about.

Before I strip the bike down for the race build, I will do a quick street build so I can showcase a few necessary upgrades and provide some nice videos and how-to information.

Since this is my first blog, I’ll give you a super quick background about me.  I love learning and trying new things, and especially sharing them with others.  I also enjoy building and modifying just about everything I own.  I’m a CNC machine programmer by day, and I’ve been riding motorcycles (beginning with dirt) since 2003, sport bikes since 2004, on the race track since 2010, and racing since 2011.  Like all of you reading this, I was lucky enough to survive my early years of riding, despite having a severe lack of self preservation.


When my best friend and I attended Jason Pridmore’s STAR Motorcycle School in 2010, our eyes were opened to the world of riding a motorcycle beyond the street, and the idea that there is more to riding than just twisting the throttle and doing wheelies.

June-25-TrackXperience z_Pits-Etc IMG_0056

Our new addiction was strong and we attended a dozen track days that year, excitedly developing new skills each day.  Riding on a race track is such a different experience than riding on the street.  We wanted to share this experience with other riders, and help them realize how dangerous it really is pushing your limits on the streets.  The track is the place to push it and get better.  Unfortunately, it is a daunting and expensive task to attend your first track day.  We started Chaos Theory Motorcycle Club with the only intention of easing the transition to track riding.  This soon transitioned into Chaos Theory Motorcycle School, a not-for-profit organization where we put together a basic curriculum that we used to work new riders through some of the common errors and introduce them to the principles of riding a motorcycle around a race track.

We were definitely far from experts, but were eager to share the experience we did have with less experienced riders.  We shared our track and product knowledge, extra gear, trailer space, even bikes to help as many riders as we could overcome the costs of attending their first track day.  In spring of 2011, we both entered our first race in the CVMA Race Series at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, and Chaos Theory Racing was born.

peeps at the track

Mar-29-2013-TrackDaz - Group A - 120 pm - RG__6107_FRI

I’ve been attending track days and race weekends once or twice a month for the past few years and I’ve raced a few different bikes as an amateur in CVMA including a 2008 Honda CBR1000RR, 2005 Honda CBR600RR, 2007 Yamaha R6, and 2009 Yamaha R6.  I’ve been excited about small displacement racing for a couple years, but honestly, I hate dealing with carburetors and have been waiting for the big companies to update the small bikes with fuel injection.

Then…drum roll… finally!!! Kawasaki released the fuel injected Ninja 300R and Honda followed with the CBR250R.  I seriously would have bought the Ninja in 2013, but fortunately, I had just dumped all my money into my 2007 R6.  I’m SOOOOOO glad I was forced to wait because now, Yamaha has announced the R3, KTM is about to release the RC390 in the US, and Honda is coming out with an updated CBR300R.  There are so many bikes to choose from now!  After carefully milling over the specs, and being a little influenced by some friends I have very close to Yamaha, I’ve decided on a 2015 Yamaha R3. is a combination of my 3 passions…  I will be building and modifying a 2015 Yamaha R3 (as soon as I can get my hands on one!).  Along the way, I will be learning and sharing with you all, every little detail I can about this bike, as well as utilizing my manufacturing background to modify and build whatever I need to make the bike just the way I like it.  I will offer everything I make for sale on my store page, and I can even take special orders if there’s something you want special for your bike.  My partner and I decided to add retail to our offering for the local guys that we work with and this will allow me to also offer you all the best products available to totally trick out a Yamaha R3!  I promise to always keep the lowest price on everything related to the Yamaha R3 and to have everything that I possibly can, in stock, ready to ship.  So please, if you find a lower price or better deal than, let me know by emailing!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jana
    Jana says:


    Can you do a detail write up on changing the coolant on the R3 ? which side panel to take off, where the drain bolt is, what kind of coolant u recommend yada yada

    Love your site!


  2. John Redding
    John Redding says:

    HI Jessie, my name is John Redding and I run a programme for Yamaha in Australi called YRD (Yamaha Racing Developments). THis year we are supporting and running a series here is Aus called the R3 Cup.
    heres a link to the FB page
    I must congratulate you on your very comprehensive site and the amount of effort you have put into developing the R3 – when we were looking at the specification for the R3 Cup bikes (we tried to keep costs to a bare minimum) your work was an interesting and helpful point of reference.
    Since designing our ‘kit’ we have commissioned a number of custom parts as well as selecting the best value items available on the market currently. Please check out our page and keep up the good work!

  3. bugsy5241
    bugsy5241 says:

    Hi Jesse. I just wanted to say thanks for writing your blog, there’s been a lot of helpful/useful information here. I just purchased an R3 and I’m working on making it into a race bike so your site’s been a nice singular place to answer a lot of questions. Keep up the good work, and maybe someday I’ll see you out on the track!

  4. Mateusz Wąsowski
    Mateusz Wąsowski says:


    I tell you my story.
    In season 2016 I started on Honda CBR1000RR 2005 in amateur local racing. Unfortunately I crashed too much and it’s to expensive to repair the bike. Also – I can’t get enough money for not so old 1000ccm bike and modificate it for race. I also to take part in supersport 300 competition. It’s new class in Poland, Europe. I hope organizations make this class this year. I don’t know which bike I have to chose. Can you help me? I see – you have Yamaha R3. Why you choose Yamaha? Is it better bike than ninja 300 or ktm rc390?
    And also one question – is it important to have antyhooping clutch in 300ccm bike? I’m asking, because I heard than only ninja has got this kind of clutch in stock.

    Thank you in advice!

    • says:

      You will love racing the smaller bike, and you will learn much faster. The R3 has much better power and transmission than the Ninja 300, and it has better handling than the KTM and about the same power (once it is tuned for racing). I race an R3, but I talk to a lot of people who have raced both or all 3 bikes and they ALL say the R3 is easier to go fast on than the KTM and Ninja.

  5. Ian McGuiness
    Ian McGuiness says:

    Hi Jessie,

    Your site is an invaluable resource, many thanks.
    I am planning to modify my R3 for track days, but still want to use it on road as well.
    Will the braided lines work with ABS?
    I am interested in your Norton Shock and the lower cost fork upgrades, lightweight parts etc..
    Can you arrange shipping to Australia? any idea of the costs for a slower shipping method?
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.
    Good luck with all your projects,

  6. xcabsx
    xcabsx says:

    Hi Jessie, looking to buy here a bazzaz FI for my r3 2017.
    would you provide a fuel map for a full exhaust system? . i between yoshi r77 full system and the m4.
    amazing blog!!

        • Jesse Norton
          Jesse Norton says:

          Yes is the short answer. Bazzaz offers two versions of the Z-Fi and Z-FiTC for ABS and non-ABS bikes because the speed sense wire used for traction control and gear specific quickshift and tuning settings is located in a different place. However, because the R3 doesn’t use RAM air, gear specific tuning isn’t necessary, so with the standard Z-Fi, the speed sense wire doesn’t really do anything and doesn’t even need to be connected. I stock the Bazzaz Z-Fi for non-ABS bikes, however, I can order the unit specifically made for ABS bikes if need be.


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